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    • Hello BeatStick,   thank you for your feedback and sorry for the late reply..    I think we will increase the drop chance of the daggers just a little but it was definitely back then not near 50% or anything else- Gold and Treasure Box drop chances will also be slightly increased with the next update.
    • It might be a little bit early but i think to grow or to start an activ economy we should increase the drop chances from a few items to increase the motivation to actually go and farm zeny: - Daggers from Sky Petite ( currently 10% drop )  If i remember correcly old Ebilro had 60% here - Gold from Peco, Dokebi, mi gao etc. ( currently 5-10% ) i personally think it should be sth. around 40-70% - treasure box from goldan acidus ( currently 25% ) While 25% doesnt sound that bad, it actually is. The mobs on the map need time to respawn and if you clear the entire dungeon you end up with 10-15 boxex with is around 2-3m zeny. An increase to 75 or even 100% would create a good spot and alternative to farm zeny    These are just my thoughts let me know what you guys think ..  
    • Hello Admin Team, after long discussions with players and 2 months Ragnarok Experience i will help to make a perfect Vote System.  First Steps  (nobody need a not working  Roulette System) ✌ oki lets go: Why we should work on a Vote System and Shop?   The first thing to say is that players can work on their characters and improvements even when they are not playing. Vote Shop should be understand for all ppls also for newbies in Ragnarok. Players only vote if they are encouraged by improvements in their characters. - Items? Here r my list for a working Vote Shop! Usable Items: - Field Manuel Box (include 5ea) (Nobody needs Battle Manual on HR) -Bubble Gum Box(include 5ea) - Bloody Branch - Gym Pass -@storage Box(include 10x storageCommand) -2 Style Headgears like old Ebilro? Neko Mimi etc. These r some of my Suggestion. Greetings Blood.      
    • Are the Ifrit Rings even ingame? I thought they were not as Ifrit does not drop them.
    • I think deleting the tombs would be a bad idea. It would allow the person/guild who has the timer to farm the MvP with virtually no competition, especially when the population of the server is not that big yet. With the tomb it's the same fair game for all. Spawncells are more of a problem IMO, as they allow a larger group/guild to camp the spawnplace and prevent everybody else from killing the MvP (e.g. TG).

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