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  2. Zeny Farming

    Hello BeatStick, thank you for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.. I think we will increase the drop chance of the daggers just a little but it was definitely back then not near 50% or anything else- Gold and Treasure Box drop chances will also be slightly increased with the next update.
  3. Zeny Farming

    It might be a little bit early but i think to grow or to start an activ economy we should increase the drop chances from a few items to increase the motivation to actually go and farm zeny: - Daggers from Sky Petite ( currently 10% drop ) If i remember correcly old Ebilro had 60% here - Gold from Peco, Dokebi, mi gao etc. ( currently 5-10% ) i personally think it should be sth. around 40-70% - treasure box from goldan acidus ( currently 25% ) While 25% doesnt sound that bad, it actually is. The mobs on the map need time to respawn and if you clear the entire dungeon you end up with 10-15 boxex with is around 2-3m zeny. An increase to 75 or even 100% would create a good spot and alternative to farm zeny These are just my thoughts let me know what you guys think ..
  4. Votr System - Make it Easier to Understand

    Hello Admin Team, after long discussions with players and 2 months Ragnarok Experience i will help to make a perfect Vote System. First Steps (nobody need a not working Roulette System) ✌ oki lets go: Why we should work on a Vote System and Shop? The first thing to say is that players can work on their characters and improvements even when they are not playing. Vote Shop should be understand for all ppls also for newbies in Ragnarok. Players only vote if they are encouraged by improvements in their characters. - Items? Here r my list for a working Vote Shop! Usable Items: - Field Manuel Box (include 5ea) (Nobody needs Battle Manual on HR) -Bubble Gum Box(include 5ea) - Bloody Branch - Gym Pass -@storage Box(include 10x storageCommand) -2 Style Headgears like old Ebilro? Neko Mimi etc. These r some of my Suggestion. Greetings Blood.
  5. some MVP Thoughts!

    Are the Ifrit Rings even ingame? I thought they were not as Ifrit does not drop them.
  6. MvP Spawntime

    I think deleting the tombs would be a bad idea. It would allow the person/guild who has the timer to farm the MvP with virtually no competition, especially when the population of the server is not that big yet. With the tomb it's the same fair game for all. Spawncells are more of a problem IMO, as they allow a larger group/guild to camp the spawnplace and prevent everybody else from killing the MvP (e.g. TG).
  7. MvP Spawntime

    Hello everyone, we discussed those topics at our team meeting and we will change that quickly with the next big update. You can see the detailed changes in our changelog. Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Abra Party like EbilRo

    Hello Bloodclaw, we discussed this topic at our team meeting and we all agreed on that so we will change the success rate of it to make the Abra/Hocus Pocus party more enjoyable.
  9. some MVP Thoughts!

    Hello Bloodclaw, we added this to our list and will discuss it. If we all come to an agreement in our meeting we will change that and inform you via changelog.
  10. some MVP Thoughts!

    - MVPs spawns always with the max Time. (Original Time - Time) -Endless Tower was ingame in Ebilro? (and works it with an Account IP or just Blocked for 6 Days with an Char? - Ifrit Rings (Autocast Resos) should be disabled like old Ebilro ✌ Greetings Blood.
  11. Guild Members

    Hello I wanted to suggest the capacity of a guild. We are not a big population at the moment which makes it hard for smaller guilds to compete. If we have around 50 players for WoE and only 2 major guilds the smaller guilds are forced to join a bigger guild if they want to be somewhat succesful. So my question is what if we tone the capacity down to like 10 players for a guild so we have a little more diversity instead of only 2 or 3 guilds taking every castle. Greetings K
  12. Abra Party like EbilRo

    We do some tests and its still not really working. Look here: 2500 BGs = 43x Monocell, 18x Taming Monster, 21x Grimm Reaper, 1x Summon MVP. 1900 BGs = 31 x Monocell, 24x Grimm Reaper, 11x Taming Monster, 0x Summon MVP. Well in Ebilro, there was a higher chances for doing an Awesome Abra Spawnings.
  13. MvP Spawntime

    and delete mvp tombs ✌
  14. MvP Spawntime

    Hey, i would like to dicuss about the time of Mvp respwantimes. I think it would be nice when the Mvps spwan more often. It would be good for people with not much time and also for people who like to fight PK on MvP maps. So there woulde be more live on the mvp maps and that would be fun for me. How do you think about it like to drop the time to 50%?
  15. Greatings Community! I am an old player from EbilRo 1.0 and want to share my oppinion with you all and also want to know yours. The Alchemie Shop in Yuno has some Items, that are rewards for quests and naturaly should be bought in the great Class Guilds in Midgard. In my oppinion these items should not be buyable in that shop. That will give the great Alchemistguild of Midgard and it's City Aldebaran more attention. Yuno gets it's attention through the Alchemist Shop anyways. So i am making a Poll here to get the oppinion of the community together. Jagernaut. out.
  16. EDP / Creator NPC

    should be added like in Ebilro Yuno Greetings Blood ✌
  17. Bloody Suggestions!

    Thank you for your Feedback
  18. Hello dear EbilRO Players im LeVi Ingame Name: LeVi Age: 28 Years old Position: Administrator Tasks: Marketing Languages: English, German RO Experience: about 16 years
  19. Bloody Suggestions!

    Hey, first, thank you for your feedback as we really appreciate every suggestion to make EbilRO Restart better and make the whole experience more fun for you. - Upgrader / Safe Refiner -> There will be an advanced refiner but no safe-refine above the standard range. - Shop Warper / Shop Hall (delete Random Shops in Towns) -> Good idea but needs to be discussed more in the team. -Warper (Add Last Warp Option) Add Thor/Abyss/Kiel Dungeon Warps -> Warps was added by Eru and Last Warp will also come soon when other stuff with higher priority will be first finished. -Dropp Chance of Random Cards should stay on 10% (becouse HR) MVP/Minicard 5% is ok. -> Droprate of normal cards will stay at 1% and MvP% on 5 atm. - #makePVPgreatAgain -> Yes you are right and we plan to completely rework the whole PvP-Arena and system. Greetings Musashi
  20. Bloody Suggestions!

    Hello guys, after 1 Day of Gaming i will speak about Changes we should implement. - Upgrader / Safe Refiner - Shop Warper / Shop Hall (delete Random Shops in Towns) -Warper (Add Last Warp Option) Add Thor/Abyss/Kiel Dungeon Warps -Dropp Chance of Random Cards should stay on 10% (becouse HR) MVP/Minicard 5% is ok. - #makePVPgreatAgain Thx 4 reading, Greetings Blood ✌
  21. EbilRO Team

    Hello dear EbilRO Players same as Musashi I would like to introduce myself to you. Ingame Name: Lucano Age: 31 Years old Position: Developing Administrator Tasks: Head of management, technical stuff Languages: German, English RO Experience: about 16 years
  22. Upcoming Server Update!

    Hello EbilRO Players! As some of you may already know the GM team and myself has been working HARD for months working on a huge first update for our serverstart. The update will be released to the Live Server on November 2nd. Once the server goes up with the new updates there will be a testing window period where we will address any kind of bug that might arise. After our testings when everything seems alright we will be short before the final release of EbilRO to you guys! Some of the new stuff you can expect to see on the update are the following: The server will be fully updated, this includes all of the latest mobs, items, dungeons and maps that have been released by kRO in the last year but reduced to the original episode of pre-renewal. The server will go up pre-renewal with custom made experience tables. Skill damages and delays are currently being tested and we will balance every single skill before it goes live. The server will be as original as the old EbilRO but surely with some changes which we thought would be good. Please keep in mind that we cannot make EbilRO 1:1 as the old server cause the old client/server is not available anymore. The update will also bring the long-desired channel system which will allow players to create channels/chats that can work as alliance chat or anything you could possibly want to use it for. It will work like @global but much more player-friendly. Channels can be public or private but at the moment not everyone can create a channel this feature will be later fully released! We added some Custom Instances which are right now not possible to enter like the know Endless Tower and some of our own which we maybe later will release depending on your votes! We also implemented an easily visible afk system which allows user which do @autotrade to change their headgear sprites for a afk hat so everybody can easily see that this player is not actually playing at the moment. Player Killer Mode is forced enabled after level 200. It is implemented with a Ranking system and we planning on making a new unqiue feature wich we will later add to this more information will follow. House for Rent System. (Will be implemented a couple of month after update release) A New Voteforpoints system was implemented which allows you guys to vote in the control panel and receive vote points for that which you then can exchange ingame at a NPC for the ingame cash points which you can use to buy stuff from our ingame cash shop. We also implemented a little gambling into the server which allows you guy to gamble for cool prizes by using a Bronze Coin to charge your lucky roulette. As you can see the list of updates is huge and will make EbilRO the best server you could possibly have played in your life twice! Are you excited?! Cause we are and we really hope once we started that you guys will like it and share your thoughts with us! What do we need from you? As soon as we released tell your friends about all the great updates that are following! Things are about to get much better in EbilRO, we want you to enjoy your time on this server with your friends just like in the good old days! Also, If you have not done so yet, We'd like to ask you to please leave a ratemyserver review so that our server gets more known and so we can grow a larger community. The more reviews we get the more people will join us which means more people in WoE, more people for PvP, more people in the towns, more people for events, forums... So in the end it can be easily summed up with MORE PEOPLE MORE FUN! Once again you can test all these new things once we released the server! We really hope you enjoy your time on EbilRO and be prepared for this and many more Updates!
  23. EbilRO Team

    Hello dear EbilRO Players I'd like to start this thread to introduce you to our GM-Team so let's start with myself. Ingame Name: Musashi Age: 26 Years old Position: Developing Administrator Tasks: Head of development and everything technical Languages: English, German, Japanese RO Experience: about 16 years
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