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  1. Zeny Farming

    It might be a little bit early but i think to grow or to start an activ economy we should increase the drop chances from a few items to increase the motivation to actually go and farm zeny: - Daggers from Sky Petite ( currently 10% drop ) If i remember correcly old Ebilro had 60% here - Gold from Peco, Dokebi, mi gao etc. ( currently 5-10% ) i personally think it should be sth. around 40-70% - treasure box from goldan acidus ( currently 25% ) While 25% doesnt sound that bad, it actually is. The mobs on the map need time to respawn and if you clear the entire dungeon you end up with 10-15 boxex with is around 2-3m zeny. An increase to 75 or even 100% would create a good spot and alternative to farm zeny These are just my thoughts let me know what you guys think ..

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