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  1. Votr System - Make it Easier to Understand

    Hello Admin Team, after long discussions with players and 2 months Ragnarok Experience i will help to make a perfect Vote System. First Steps (nobody need a not working Roulette System) ✌ oki lets go: Why we should work on a Vote System and Shop? The first thing to say is that players can work on their characters and improvements even when they are not playing. Vote Shop should be understand for all ppls also for newbies in Ragnarok. Players only vote if they are encouraged by improvements in their characters. - Items? Here r my list for a working Vote Shop! Usable Items: - Field Manuel Box (include 5ea) (Nobody needs Battle Manual on HR) -Bubble Gum Box(include 5ea) - Bloody Branch - Gym Pass -@storage Box(include 10x storageCommand) -2 Style Headgears like old Ebilro? Neko Mimi etc. These r some of my Suggestion. Greetings Blood.
  2. some MVP Thoughts!

    - MVPs spawns always with the max Time. (Original Time - Time) -Endless Tower was ingame in Ebilro? (and works it with an Account IP or just Blocked for 6 Days with an Char? - Ifrit Rings (Autocast Resos) should be disabled like old Ebilro ✌ Greetings Blood.
  3. Abra Party like EbilRo

    We do some tests and its still not really working. Look here: 2500 BGs = 43x Monocell, 18x Taming Monster, 21x Grimm Reaper, 1x Summon MVP. 1900 BGs = 31 x Monocell, 24x Grimm Reaper, 11x Taming Monster, 0x Summon MVP. Well in Ebilro, there was a higher chances for doing an Awesome Abra Spawnings.
  4. MvP Spawntime

    and delete mvp tombs ✌
  5. EDP / Creator NPC

    should be added like in Ebilro Yuno Greetings Blood ✌
  6. Bloody Suggestions!

    Hello guys, after 1 Day of Gaming i will speak about Changes we should implement. - Upgrader / Safe Refiner - Shop Warper / Shop Hall (delete Random Shops in Towns) -Warper (Add Last Warp Option) Add Thor/Abyss/Kiel Dungeon Warps -Dropp Chance of Random Cards should stay on 10% (becouse HR) MVP/Minicard 5% is ok. - #makePVPgreatAgain Thx 4 reading, Greetings Blood ✌

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