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Votr System - Make it Easier to Understand

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Hello Admin Team,

after long discussions with players and 2 months Ragnarok Experience i will help to make a perfect Vote System. 

First Steps  (nobody need a not working  Roulette System) ✌

oki lets go:

Why we should work on a Vote System and Shop?  

The first thing to say is that players can work on their characters and improvements even when they are not playing.

Vote Shop should be understand for all ppls also for newbies in Ragnarok.

Players only vote if they are encouraged by improvements in their characters.

- Items?

Here r my list for a working Vote Shop!

Usable Items:

- Field Manuel Box (include 5ea) (Nobody needs Battle Manual on HR)

-Bubble Gum Box(include 5ea)

- Bloody Branch

- Gym Pass

-@storage Box(include 10x storageCommand)

-2 Style Headgears like old Ebilro?

Neko Mimi etc.

These r some of my Suggestion.

Greetings Blood.




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